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About Nidaa


NIDAA is a non-political, non-governmental, non-profit and non-discriminatory organization, established in 1998 and registered in Khartoum, Sudan under the auspices of the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) in 2000.

The philosophy of community participation, sustainable development and poor people first are the backbone of our approach. The members of the organization felt very much concerned about the development-needs especially among the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and generally impoverished groups of the Sudanese society.

NIDAA organization works in the fields of development and capacity building in the following sectors:

Food security and livelihood
Economic Recovery
Peace building & Conflict Resolution
Democracy & Human Rights


Our mission

We strive to empower our communities longing for desirable change through training, advocacy and sustainable community development.

Our vision

NIDAA envisions rural people across Sudan inspired and empowered to lead the process of change and development.

Our goals and objectives

 – Putting the basics of self-reliance and strengthening rural families and communities especially the vulnerable groups (poor women & children) through participatory approaches that create chances of dialogue about peoples’ interest and the appropriate mechanisms and effectiveness.
  – Empowerment of the targeted community members and building their capacity to take positive roles in rural development projects.
Reduction\alleviation of impoverishment by provision of production means to increase the family income in the rural areas.
  – Combating tribal conflicts by:
1. Raising the community awareness, advocating of peace culture.
2. Training community leaders in conflict resolution approaches and peace building skills.
3. Enhancement of reconciliation in inter-tribal and inter-group conflicts.
  – NIDAA aims at Activating and encouraging the youth and students to recognize their role as positive change actors.
  – Participate in charitable projects which aim to help the vulnerable people.

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